OK OK Variety

February 28, 2014 @ 11:45 pm
Inspire Theater
107 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89101


OK, OK the amos glick variety show is a late night un-rehearsed variety show featuring top notch talent from the Strip and Las Vegas locals; un-rehearsed in that the show is thrown together that day. Read feature articles about OK, OK at:


“Aerialists, contortionists and clowns let loose and try out new acts-sometimes bawdy-at [OK OK], a creative outlet for artistic risk-takers.” — LA TIMES

“Glick likes to keep performances spontaneous, not overly rehearsed. ‘I want to keep it as casual as possible,’ he says. ‘I want the best quality performers to come down and perform with the least amount of work… It’s about fun, not perfection.’” — LAS VEGAS SUN

“After you strip away the machine-made fog, the lighting, the sound technicians and the $10,000 costumes, what you have left are the artists. And whether that’s a contortionist or a cross-dressing knife juggler on a pogo stick, that’s what you found at Ok, Ok, the amos glick variety show… ‘The gloss from the Strip shows is torn away and you get raw skill and love of the art and performance,’ says Amos Glick, whose primary occupation is Le RĂªve clown. ‘No way do you get the vibe of a show that’s done every day, 10 times a week.’ — VEGAS SEVEN

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